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New SEER rating enforced 2023

2023 Energy Efficiency Standards

Big changes are coming to the HVAC industry, starting January 1, 2023, the Department of Energy (DOE) minimum energy efficiency requirements will go into effect for all newly manufactured residential and commercial air conditioners and heat pumps. On the commercial side, this will mark the second efficiency gain in HVAC equipment in the last five years, while on the residential side, there will be separate efficiency standards and installation requirements for central air conditioners sold in stores.


The new DOE standards will increase the minimum efficiency of residential equipment by approximately 7%, or the equivalent of 1 SEER point.

“Efficiency standards for single-split central air conditioners are still divided into three regions: North, South, and Southwest, with a higher SEER2 required for the southern regions (same as today).”

“The new minimum SEER2 will be 13.4 in the north [equivalent to 14 SEER] and 14.3 [15 SEER] in the southern regions. The new efficiency metrics will be reflected in the updated FTC energy guide labels.”

Each of the three regions will have different installation date and manufacturing date requirements based on product type.

“Air conditioners in the Southeast and Southwest are installation date products and must be fully installed no later than December 31, 2022; therefore, direct sales of air conditioners are not permitted unless their EnergyGuide labels meet the new 2023 SEER/EER minimums.”

EnergyGuide labels must have at least 15 SEER (for products < 45,000 Btuh or 14.5 SEER for products ≥ 45,000 Btuh) to meet the new 2023 SEER minimums.

Products in the Southwest must also meet the 2023 EER requirements.

The DOE increased the efficiency of air conditioning systems in two phases. The first phase occurred in 2018 and consisted of a 13% increase in minimum efficiency, while the second phase will take place in 2023 and will require an additional 15% increase in part load efficiency (IEER).

Things to consider when looking for a new A/C

Although there will be an initial cost increase to have a new AC installed, there should also be potential utility savings over time. Another thing to be aware of with the change is that newer, more efficient units will be larger and heavier, so this could affect replacements.

Even though the price per unit install will likely increase, the potential saving on your utility bill is, in theory, supposed to absorb the price increase over time.

However, with the increased efficiency and increased comfort, the new seer changes, should be a breeze!

Inventory Issues?

Peace Heating and Air recommends you talk with your contractor about air conditioners that must be installed by January 1, 2023, and fully installed by the deadline, you should also consider that while most companies are doing their best to ensure for products to be ready before the 2023 deadline, there may still be some hiccups regarding equipment availability.

Are you considering replacing your system?

PEACE is ready for the new SEER ratings, are you?

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