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Air conditioning isn’t just a luxury in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, it’s a necessity!

Without proper hydration, shade and air conditioning, body temperatures can quickly rise to the hundreds – that’s heat stroke territory.

Fortunately, humans have ways of cooling themselves off. We can sweat, sit by a fan, go inside and enjoy a cool drink, etc.

Your pets are another story!

Pets, like infants, rely purely on their owners/moms/dads to keep them safe. You provide the water, the shade and the air conditioning.

Now that summer is here, it’s more important than ever to protect your pets from the intense heat outside!

Here is some important pet safety information from Peace Heating & Air so you can learn to keep your pets safe in the heat.

Important Pet Heat Safety Facts

If a cat’s temperature reaches 103 degrees, or a dog’s reaches 105, they need immediate veterinary attention. If you suspect your pet has heat exhaustion or heat stroke, FAST ACTION must be taken to save them.

  • Get the animal into the shade or an air conditioned room.

  • Have someone start and cool your car down.

  • Pour cool (not cold) water on your pet. Call ahead to your vet to let them know you’re coming.

  • Place ice packs or cold towels on their head, neck and chest for the car ride to the vet.

  • Let them drink small amounts of water or lick ice cubes.

If you have concerns about your home’s air conditioning or are in need of a CHECK UP, MAINTENANCE, REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT

We have years of experience keeping families and their beloved pets safe and cool during the summer.

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